August 16, 2010

Da Bomb

Quake:Da Bomb is a Quake modification for Quake deathmatches.  Unlike normal Quake deathmatches which are free-for-all “fragfests”, the goal of Da Bomb is to blow-up an enemy team’s base heart by delivering a large bomb to their base. Da Bomb also adds new items, weapons, maps and interface modifications to normal Quake.

The goal of Da Bomb is to take a BIG BOMB and get it to explode near enough to an enemy team’s BASE HEART that the blast kills the base. In some maps, there is only one bomb that gets spawned in the center of the level, while in other maps there are multiple bombs. Note that bombs will not spawn until there are at least two teams currently in the map.

Once a bomb spawns, its timer automatically starts counting down to zero. At zero, the bomb creates an extremely large explosion, destroying any base hearts and killing any players in its blast radius.  Bombs can be prematurely detonated by either shooting them repeatedly (it takes about 4-5 rockets), by zapping it with an electronics kit, or by suicide bombing (see Jihad, below).

Each map has a special Start Room.  There are 2-4 numbered teleporters in the Start Room.  Players pick a team by exiting through one of the teleporters.  Once a player has choosen a team, he will respawn in that team’s base.  Chosing a team also sets your color.  Your pants will match the color of your team, while your shirt will be unique for your team (for under 13 team members).

There is also a special START map containing teleporters to all the other levels.  Once a player exits, everyone gets teleported to that map.

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  • Version: 0.99.7
  • Status: Beta Release
  • Released: 1997-09-05
  • Updated: 1997-12-15
  • Author: SegaSoft, Inc.
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