Deathmatch Extras

Well, I always liked to tweak games a little to make them just a bit more to my taste.Quake came along, I started messing aroung with it editing some sounds here and thereand editing the player model a bit just to make it look a bit better.  And basically, thisis the result.  Deathmatch Extras.  Just a whole bunch of little things changed to makeDeathmatch look and sound just a little bit cooler.  I excluded any Quake C because Iwanted to keep it the same game.  It’s still just Deathmatch.  And if you want to use it with other patches, there’s no conflict whatsoever.  Also, if you don’t like something in it, you can just delete it.  Simple.  So that’s what this is:  Deathmatch Extras, a cosmeticenhancement to Quake Deathmatch.


  • Almost every single frame of the player model is redone.
  • All the gibs are redone
  • New sounds for the nail guns, grenade laucher, rocket laucher and lightening gun.
  • New death and injury sounds for the player (taken from qtest1)
  • Intro movie
  • Many other things here and there

Download: Twig Physics Library for DarkPlaces (0 downloads)