January 7, 2010

Decisive Battle Quake TC

This is a Total Conversion for Quake, based in a famous japanese anime.

You will be able to take the role of one of the 3 main characters of the anime, each one with his own different powers,  strenghts and weaknesses. You will be able to fly (In a very realistic way), to increase your KI (The energy that you use instead of ammo), to convert into a SuperSaiyaJin (Ultra powerful player), to teleport, to fool the other players with fake images of yourself or even to reject the energy attacks that the other players or monsters make to you!

Each player has his own player model, which will be seen by the other players in a deathmatch game. Why use just different skins when you can use different models? ;-) Also, the Quake weapons have been substituted by hands that move according to the actions you do.

In single and cooperative modes, you will have to go through the original ID maps searching for the Dragon Balls. You will have to find the 7 hidden dragon balls (There is one in each level), and when you do it you will be able to summon the dragon god that will give you immense powers.

In deathmatch games, there will be 7 dragon balls in the level. The player that takes them all will get 2 extra frags and the special power. Then all the dragon balls will be randomly spread again through the level, and each time that that player gets a dragon ball he will get another frag. When he dies he will loose his special power. When somebody that carries dragon balls dies, he drops them. If nobody takes them in some seconds they will respawn again randomly in the level. Also a player that has a dragon ball will shine and will have a ‘queue’ that will become biger when he gets more dragon balls, so everybody in the game can know that he is the guy to attack! All this makes deathmatch a new experience and it’s really fun to play.

Decisive Battle Quake TC (761 downloads )

Also, leileilol contributed with the original version of this mod, hosted here: http://leileilol.mancubus.net/leiware/download.php?view.24

Decisive Battle Quake TC – Original (817 downloads )
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  • Version: 1.0
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1997-12-15
  • Updated: 1997-12-15
  • Author: Z-Team
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