Defeat In Detail 2

Defeat in Detail (DiD) was a Quake Modification, and it was one of the very first fully 3d Real Time Strategy (RTS) games.

Defeat in Deatail 2 (DiD2) is also a Quake Mod at heart, intended to contain almost all the features of a retail RTS, e.g. a point and click interface, many playable maps, loads of battlefield units, resource management etc.

However, Defeat in Detail 2 is a standalone game, based on the DarkPlaces engine. DiD2 is licenced entirely under the GNU GPL. See copying.txt for details…

In this file you’ll find a short description of everything currently available to you in DiD2, how to play it and how to install it.

NB: This is not the final, completed project, This is being released for beta purposes only.

Download: [Download not found]