If you have seen the TV series: Xena – Warrior Princess, you’ll notice Xena has a very cool weapon, her disc.

I’ve re-create this weapon, once it’s fired, it’ll bounce off walls and so on for a while before it’ll be returned to you automatically. If you hit the attack button again once you’ve fired the disc, it’ll start to return to you right away.

Since it can bounce off walls, it’s very useful when it’s fired into a small room. Just watch it bounces and slices through your opponents. The Disc does damage according to its velocity, so the faster it bounces off a wall, the more damage it’ll make.

The very neat feature about this Disc is that it could actually *** LOP SOMEONE’S HEAD OFF *** . Yep, just AIM close to your opponent’s neck/head area, and see their head flies off if you have done enough damage.

Download: Blood Vipers vs Dead Meat Clan (0 downloads)