October 7, 2010

e1m1red – Bloody Slipgates

This map is not primarily intended to be a single player experience, even though that aspect of it has certainly not been forgotten about. It is intended to be a showcase for a new level design concept. Other changes have been made to the code as well. These are mainly to support the map, although some of them also support the concept.

In January 2006, a discussion thread on Func_Msgboard was opened to discuss difficulty tuning. (http://www.celephais.net/board/view_thread.php?id=42640) In that thread, metlslime makes a suggestion about including more buttons than necessary to progress past a certain point, such as a door. Probably unbeknownst to him, this had been attempted as early as July 1997 by Zied Rieke. (Vivisect Six – available at the single player map archive) In his map, to open the exit, you had to find a number of blue buttons that were located in various places in the map (2 on easy, 4 on normal, and all 5 on hard). To my knowledge, this idea hasn’t been used in any other map since then. Until now…

Scattered across the map are 25 red keys. You will need to use most of these to progress through the map. Which ones you decide to try and get is up to you. Some of them are in fairly obvious places. Some of them are in areas that you may not have had reason to visit before. And some of them are in areas that were opened up during the refurbishment that took place during QExpo 2008. Should you wish to know how many of them you currently hold, use “impulse 180”.
Are you up to the challenge of finding all 25 keys?

There are also vending machines in some areas of the map. Make sure you look to the walls as well as to the floor when you need supplies. Some of them will require you to part with some of your red keys before they will pay out. These machines are clearly marked, along with the cost of using them. Also pay careful attention to the backpacks that monsters drop. You will soon realise that their wares are more useful than you had anticipated.

And one final warning. The forces of Quake that guard this place have awakened from your nigthmare. No longer do her lieutenants feel that their previous plans to guard this place were enough to be merely hard, and have assigned the strongest of their minions to guard the slipgate. They have also made some changes to the battle plan, to ensure that you never wake up from the nightmare…

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