January 12, 2010

Empires TC

The story starts in modern day, on a little island in the Mediterranean sea. A terror from the mid-east, the Blue Turban Fascist, have devastated the Balkan countries with chemical warfare. The Blue Turbans finally attacked enough to secure a few bases, one mysteriously on that small island.

Well, the US finally comes in, and kicks the shit out of the Blue Turbans. On that base, the soldiers find and secure this strange base on the island. It was underground and had weird writings and shit all around it. They even found teleportors.

The military does experiments on these teleporters, and it s decided that they form a base on the other side.
Well…… they do. It appeared that they were at some place across the universe.

Meanwhile, in real life, the Earth comes under attack by some aliens.

The story goes on so that you find that base was an old Atlantis base, and the Atlanteans fought the aliens 10 thousand years ago, they both brought each other back a few thousand years. The Aliens however had some of the smartest people in cryogenics, or something like that, and they evolved faster because the modern day aliens found em. The teleportors at that base lead to that alien planet, the past, and future.

Well, alotta people end up fighting, and they have a fun time.

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  • Version: 0.85
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1997-12-07
  • Updated: 1997-12-07
  • Author: Ken Madlener aka Kenzer
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  • Has Source? Yes

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