August 16, 2010

Extras r4

“Extras” is a QuakeC mod that allows mappers to create more varied and interactive environments to (hopefully) bring something new to Quake without changing how the weapons and monsters work/behave.

This was coded with the author’s mini-episode in mind, and version r4 marks the end of his “To Do” list. Sadly, his episode will not see the light of day (or darkness of Quake as it were…)


You’ll need the full version of Quake (obviously) but note that many of the new entities exploit the “gravity” entity field, and therefore only work with Quake builds released after the “Scourge of Armagon” Mission Pack (1.0.7 and later, I think).


Put the “extras” folder in your Quake directory, and start Quake with “-game extras”. Load up “map water”, “map switches”, and “map emitters” through the console to try out some of the new entities.


The “extras/docs/” directory contains complete HTML documentation for the new entities. There are also three small test/example maps included with this release (with source).

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Mod Information

  • Version: r4
  • Status: Release Candidate
  • Released: 2004-08-23
  • Updated: 2004-08-23
  • Author: pOx
  • No homepage
  • Has Source? Yes

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