January 14, 2010

Final Quake – Real

Final Quake: Real will try to reach the most excellent piece of Death Match experience ever and with our very skilled crew and with the best game ever. We will make it, make the funniest, coolest, well programmed and well modeled add on to Quake I ever.


  • An unique Weapon system never before seen in Quake 1
  • Effects like bullet holes, more blood, rail beams, Shell ejects etc
  • Unique speed for each of the weapons
  • Both support OpenGL and Software ( even Quake 2000 )
  • 20 new DM maps including DM 1-6
  • You get access to total new strategies then in a normal DM.
Final Quake – Real (849 downloads )
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  • Version: 1.0
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 2000-03-12
  • Updated: 2000-08-01
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