January 21, 2010

Jigsaw 2

A Modification with Levels for Quake


Shotgun and Super Shotgun – Are 10% more powerful than standard for better balance.

Weld Gun – Modified nail gun – your target will catch on fire.  I modified this from the original model to be a little less lethal.  If you have full health, you will survive (barely!).  Selecting the nail gun (4) will turn off the weld gun;  it’s a toggle.

Drone – Selecting the Grenade key (5) twice will activate the Drone gun… a heat seeking missile.  Watch it, you can kill yourself easily with this one…

Shrapnel Missiles – Pressing the Rocket Launcher key (6) twice will activate shrapnel missiles.  Not as powerful as a single missile but great fun to fire into a small room full of people.

Grappling Hook – Bind a key to the impulse listed below and go sailin’ through the sky!  Good hook dynamics on this one – it’s fast and you can shoot while hooking.

Damage Skins – Taken from PainKeep source… much more realistic. As you take damage your skin will get progressively bloodier until you croak.

Feigning Death – The ultimate camping device.  Your character falls face forward and even reflects your current skin damage!  Disgust your friends.  Make new enemies. And yes – hide like a girl!  Bind a key to “impulse 150” and start fakin’!  Really fun combined with a bunch of Demo charges!

Holo-Quake Dude – Just like that Duke guy…  Bind a key to “impulse 99” to use. The Holograph uses 10 lightning cells and lasts for about 30-40 seconds.  You can tell he’s fake because he doesn’t move up and down like the real thing.  Keep those eyes peeled! (painful as that may be…)

Demolition Charges – Remote control destruction!  Bind “impulse 32” to a key for throwing the charges and bind “impulse 33” to a key for setting off the charges. Throw as many as you want.  Each charge takes 3 rockets/grenades.  I think it’s really cool to lay a bunch of charges around a doorway and wait inside feigning death.  You can trigger the charges while you’re playing possum!

Random Respawn – All weapons respawn randomly

Respawn Protection – About 10 seconds of protection against getting shot (as long as you don’t shoot first!).

The maps were all pulled off the ‘Net and are my personal favorites.  I’ve tried to give credit where credit is due and you will find all the .txt description files in this ZIP if they were included with the map.

JP1 – Qcon1 – Dennis Kaltwasser
JP2 – Death’s Taste – ?
JP3 – Ultraviolence – Adriano Lorenzini
JP4 – The Maelstrom – Brian Morgan
JP5 – Argonaut – Matt Sefton
JP6 – DaPAK 11 – Dennis Kaltwasser
JP7 – Paradox Emporium – ?
JP8 – The Messy Base – Adriano Lorenzini
JP9 – Trifor – Andrew Mulvey
JP10 – Morbidity 1 – Daniel Vogt
JP11 – The Egyptian Cistern –
JP12 – Armageddon 2 – Matthias Worch
JP13 – You and Me – Rancid
JP14 – The Gun – ?
JP15 – Dock 5 – ray (tigger-up-late)

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