February 1, 2010

Nerf Quake

Nerf Quake (Beta) – A Total Conversion for Quake.


  • There are about 5 new weapons in Nerf Quake. They go from a Nerf Baton to a Flame Thrower. Included are RBTs. To throw one hit 6, to blow them all up hit 7.


  • There are 2 tools in Nerf Quake. One the Flash Light, the other is the Laser Amier. You can figure out what they do. ;’}
Nerf Quake (459 downloads)
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  1. spam Says:

    It is simply amazing to see this thing still on the net. Thanks for bringing back some sweet memories of both playing and making!

  2. Chip Says:

    Hey! You’re welcome! Are you the author of it? Or co-author?


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Mod Information

  • Version: 1.0
  • Status: Beta Release
  • Released: 1998-05-19
  • Updated: 1998-05-19
  • Author:
  • No homepage
  • Has Source? No

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