February 1, 2010


PainKeep is a DeathMatch-only “mission-pack” designed for use with registered Quake.  PainKeep not only offers brand new weapons (with new pickup and view models), but also a new rich environment with tons of new sounds, new special effects, great new features, and lots of surprises.  Every modification included is original.  This is in no way a compilation of various “weekend mods” from the net.  Literally hundreds of hours were spent perfecting every aspect of PainKeep.

PainKeep was designed as an addition to the Quake setting.  Evolve was committed to building an extension to Quake that would meet or exceed the high quality standards that many commercial development groups hold themselves.   We tested our ideas thoroughly and tried not to put anything in “just because”.  Our extensions were made to be easy and fun to use.  We probably threw out as much as we kept.

Why not single player?  We would have loved to have a full TC project.  But because we developed everything for our addition, we had to concentrate on only one aspect of gameplay.   We believe that deathmatch and network play provide longer and more enjoyable gameplay.   Everyone involved in Evolve is fully occupied outside Quake. (unfortuneately)

Just to emphasize, PainKeep was designed for multi-player games only.  The weapons and objects will behave differently in single player games (and the
really cool stuff only happens in DeathMatch!)

There are no new Impulse to bind!(unless you want to)  Just install and play!


Team Evolve

PainKeep (55288 downloads )
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  1. argonator Says:

    Weenieville Painkeep is still up and running at wv.no-ip.biz:27500.

    The Quake C code has been cleaned up and still runs on MVDSV .27XE. Now on version 2.2+
    Client package and Server package available at http://sh.stonks.com/
    Source code is available also since it was open sourced GPL by team evolve and Id some time ago.
    Status of Weenieville and other QuakeWorld servers can be found at:

  2. Mr. Burns Says:

    I just thought I would mention that the original netquake versions are also up at newyork.servequake.com:26003 (USA) and flanders.quake1.net:26003 (Belgium). The status of these servers can be found at http://quakeone.com/servers/

    Have fun :)


  3. Ciprian Says:

    Cheers Monty!

  4. It truly warms my heart that there are STILL painkeep servers running.
    Yes. Just, yes.


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Mod Information

  • Version: 1.11
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1997-07-02
  • Updated: 1997-08-11
  • Author: Team Evolve
  • No homepage
  • Has Source? No

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