February 1, 2010


Partial Conversion for Quake.

1) Monsters
-Almost all the monsters have been “upgraded”, many of them have cyborg body parts
-Dog : Metal head, 10x stronger, bites hurt more
-Grunt : fires the supernailgun
-Enforcer: same, but there’s 2 types now 1 fires my new fusion gun
-Fish : same
-Spawn : same
-Knight : Looks like a storm trooper w/ a light saber (new sounds)
-HKnight + Ogre: More health, that’s all (new: ogre actually starts his chainsaw)
-Fiend : Jumps faster, metal legs
-Shambler : All metal, 10x stronger
-Zombie : same, I based a new alien totally on it – Crucified Zombies R gibable
-Alien : A zombie that looks like an alien and throws grenades
-Shalrath : spike balls are red and hurt more
-Wizard : when gibbed, little slimy gibbles go everywhere ( i HATE wizards)
-Chton: Vulnerable to player attacks (hard to kill)
– New skin, has head like an enforcer
– support for up to 4 skins ( Impulse 200 ) Impulse 200 is bound to “p” in the .cfg file included 4 original skins are included in player.mdl

1: Cyborg Player
2:Ghost Player (looks cool)
3:Pissed Player (looks PISSED)
4: CamoFlagued Player: looks like brick wall, change your armour color to match your surroundings, you’ll blend in well GREAT 4 deathmatch (Watch your victim stroll right past you right b4 u shoot him)
-New frames for the Gauntlet
-Axe = Gauntlet : Impulse 23 Charges up the guantlet, IMPULSE 23 IS BOUND TO “0” IN THE .CFG INCLUDED
Depending on the charge, you fire a better shot.
Maximum charge is 4.
-Shotgun : Shoots 50 pellets (better than 4)
-S.Shotgun = Bomb Launcher (Cool GUN!)
– If hits wall or floor counts down 4 seconds and explodes
– if hits monster or player: impact hurts them,  if the explosion will kill them it says “GoodBye!” if not, it starts to drop and explodes
-Not good for triggering some triggers (sorry)
-NailGun = FreezeGun :(like paralysis darts) turns monsters into statues, makes player stay in 1 spot, but he can still shoot
-S.Nailgun = DeathDealer : a chain-shotgun
-Grenade launcher = FlameThrower : guess- improved 100% since 1.1, actually throws flame now. Takes cells
New: Monsters & Players catch fire, doust flames by going under water
-R.Launcher : Fires a straight grenade in a long arc, if hits ground, acts like a molitov cocktail, if hits enemy, waits a second, and leta off a series of explosions
-ThunderBolt= Fusion Gun:fires a kind of plasma bullet, guaranteed to gib  anything within 40 feet, including you,
– may take 4-5 to kill “Shamblotron”
– Health Decoys: – fires bombs that look like health packs ( Impulse 20 ) Impulse 20 is bound to “o” in the .cfg file included

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  • Version: 1.3
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1997-05-26
  • Updated: 1997-05-26
  • Author: Travis Brown
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