March 15, 2010

Quake Battle Chess

Quake Battle Chess is a game based on the ancient game created in India.  Much evolved since then, the game of chess has passed through the board and into a chip. Evolving once more, game of chess can be found in Quake. The game of chess has become a virtual battle experience.  QBC allows the user to fly in observer mode and view the 3d board.  A god of earth and a god of fire rule over its dissdents.  They are trapped in a world of chess. The Quake player represents his team as the king, and the Shalrath, his queen, protects him with her venomous missiles.  The Fiend uses its agility to move diagonally across the board as the bishop does (yet not as holy.)  The Hell Knight will catch you off guard if you have not mastered his movement!  And last of the royal piece is the rook, much built like a castle, is the shambler. In the end the most gutsy and honorable pieces is the Gremlin, a pawn, he can tear his captures, shoot them, laser them, or just blow them away…

QBC allows you to move freely around the board when selecting your chess pieces, and MORPH into the one you selected. You have full control!

One thing that will make QBC rise above any other quake patch, is INTELLIGENCE.

QBC can tell if you have made a correct move, castle, enpassant, capture, promotion to any piece. QBC can tell if you are castling through check, incheck, giving the opponent a Check attack, but the most amazing fact is still to come….

QBC can determine CHECK MATE!

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  • Version: 1.00
  • Status: Beta Release
  • Released: 12-04-1997
  • Updated: 16-04-1997
  • Author: Insomnia Productions
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