August 22, 2010

Quake Forever

After defeating Quake’s minions of hell and rebuilding Earth, you retired from the military, content that you’d done your bit to save the planet. The last of the Slipgates were being closed up, and after all these years, you finally felt secure again.

Naturally, the government couldn’t let something like the Slipgates just go to waste.  They built up heavy defenses around one of them, intent on studying it.  Nobody knew about this, and it was kept very low-profile. But when the first evil creature came out of the slipgate, the marines killed it without hesitation.  They were trained well, but the scientists yelled for days, because they wanted it alive to study.

Eventually, the scientists won, and the next few creatures that came through were kept alive.  Many military leaders felt that this was a very dangerous move, but they had little say in it.  Soon, a single grunt broke free and attacked and killed three scientists.  The marines killed it, ignoring the pleas of the scientists to keep it alive.  Things were uneventful for the next several days, and after stopping the grunt so quickly, security relaxed.

They began capturing other creatures, too.  First, they just got grunts, but then they started capturing ogres.  When the first ogre brought about it’s buzsaw to cut right through it’s cell, the grenades began flying from it’s launcher.  Scientists and marines were falling left and right, and it took the combined firepower of 13 marines to finally bring it down.

Then, even worse creatures came through the slipgate.  Wizards, Gremlins, and Overlords began piling through.  There were too many for the marines to stop, and the base was quickly overrun.  The very instant that word of the incident reached the marine comander, he called you and said that the Quake bastards had overrun a top-secret military base and that he wanted you to come down and help fight again.

You refused, saying that there was no way he could get you to come down again.  Well, maybe the marine commander couldn’t, but an ogre at your front door sure as hell could!  The base wasn’t the only thing that got overrun.  The monsters started rampaging through the towns, not just here, but all over the world as more slipgates began opening up.  You heard a knock at your door, and opened it up to see an ogre revving up it’s chainsaw.

You grabbed your trusty shotgun and fired several shots into it’s head. Those bastards had just messed with the wrong person.  It was time to stop these things from destroying the planet!  You run down to the base, only to find it in ruins.  It was burning very badly, but you hoped to find some decent weapons or ammo their.  It looked like the planet was doomed, but you were determined to save it one last time.


1 – Axe
2 – 12 Guage Shotgun/8 Guage Shotgun
3 – Sniper Rifle
4 – M-21A Pulse Rifle
5 – Gatling Gun
6 – Pipe Bombs/Remote Nail Bombs
7 – Proximity Mines/Proximity Nail Mines
8 – Laser Rifle
9 – Rocket Launcher
0 – Grapling Hook

Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook is the most valuable tool in your arsenal.  It enables you to reach items that would otherwise be extremely difficult to get to, and to get into high places for snipering.  A great tool when used properly.

Sniper Rifle

A good sniper’s best friend.  This gun can kill almost any human opponent with a single shot, but it slows you down when you shoot, and it takes several seconds to reload.  But, it does have a sight with a zoom on it. A good weapon for deathmatch when used in combination with the Grappling Hook. I’ve found that this weapon is WAY to powerful, and I’d tone it down a bit, but I’m not sure of the best way to do so without it losing some of it’s functionality.  This is a bug-finding release, so please help me out here!

M-21A Pulse Rifle

When you said you wanted an all-purpose military rifle, you’d expected something less powerful.  It fires as fast as an Uzi, but it’s the most stable weapon you could ever hope for, and it has virtually no kick to it! You’ll find yourself using this one alot, since it doesn’t consume ammo as fast as the Gatling Gun, but yet it still cuts down enemies quickly.

Gatling Gun

Yes, this thing is for real.  Unfortunately, if you are up against an opponent in DM who has the Gat, your best weapon is the RL, taking the suicide to destroy the menace.  The Gatling will cut down any opponent at an amazing speed, and the shells will eject rapidly, bouncing along the walls and floor.  Very cool, but it eats ammo like popcorn.

Pipe Bombs

You’ve always wished you had Pipe Bombs in Quake as you do in Duke3D. But these aren’t quite like Duke3D.  They generate a much larger explosion, and will send bomb fragments through the air (or water) when they go BANG! They can also blast through interior walls if placed right next to the wall.

Proximity Mines

Ahh!  At last you can frag people the instant they come out of teleporters or when the go after a good weapon!  Just place a pair by a teleporter, and when the player steps out, BOOM!  Or, if you want to make sure nobody gets the Rocket Launcher, just place a few near it, and when somebody goes for the big gun, KAPLOOEY!  Best used for deathmatch, but still useful in single-player games if the monsters can be tricked into walking past one.

The Rocket Launcher

This isn’t the normal Quake RL!  It does the damage of a Quad Rocket, but the damage area is spread out to that of a REAL rocket!  This puppy will gib almost any enemy without question.  But: if you send one of these at an enemy in the same room as you, you’ll almost certainly be killed in the blast.  The killing area is about the same as a BFG or Lightning discharge. Use with EXTREME caution!  These rockets will destroy thin interior walls like they don’t even exist.  Great for those times when you’ve got a door that needs a key, but you don’t have the key!


German Shepard

This is ten times worse than a Rottwieler.  It enjoys munching down on gibs, but really likes ripping the meat out for himself.  It takes more than a quick pair of shotgun blasts to take this one down!  Expect a pounding from this one!


Uh-oh.  Now your REALLY in trouble.  This can rip you to shreds in less than five seconds if you don’t get the hell away from it.  It takes over 15 blasts from a shotgun just to bring this guy down.  And what’s worse, after he’s down, he’ll get back up after a minute and come right back at you.  Only after you give him some more buckshot will he be truly dead.

Features of Quake Forever

* Keyed doors can be “opened” with a pair of explosive devices <g> Only works on levels designed for Quake Forever.
* You can use your Gatling gun to propel yourself upwards slowly, but you have very little control over it, and it wastes ammo.
* You don’t just have to complete a few levels, you have to complete multiple levels in order to finish a mission, and then you must finish additional missions in order to complete the game.
* End-Mission cutscenes make for some very interesting plot developments, since there are several different cutscenes that change depending on what you’ve done in the previous levels.  Also, there are multiple different endings to each multi-level mission, making it possible to play the game several times without it becoming repetitive.

Read more in the readme.txt! There’s plenty of info in there.

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