August 23, 2020

Quake Matrix

Quake Matrix is a unique new mod for original Quake, bringing all the cool action from the hit movie ‘The Matrix’. Currently in early Beta it offers such features as:

  • Matrix style jumping
  • New “The One” powerup
  • 3 New singleplayer enemys: Agents, cops and soldiers.
  • Multiplayer Frikbots
  • Custom sounds, skins and 4 new models (Agent, Neo, Trinity and Morpheus)
  • Slowdown with bullet rings
  • Locational Damage
  • Walking on walls (Improved since 0.4)
  • All New guns
  • Flip Jumps and Back Flips off walls
  • Concentration System
  • Matrix Jumping (Improved since 0.4)
  • In-Game Menu


  • Knife, 9mm Pistol, Shotgun, Akimbo Shotguns, Double Automatic Pistols, Uzi Assault Pistol, MP5 (New model for 0.5), Pulverizer, Minigun

21 Maps

  • Apartment, City, City 2, Castle, Docks, Dojo, Duel, Duel 2, Getout, Hotel, Lobby, Office, Park, Ship, Space, Spear, Start, Subway, Temple, The One, Training, Waste

WIP Screenshots


Quake Matrix (803 downloads )




I was only able to find v0.5 and no loader or sources. Contributions are welcome! See original downloads below (not available anymore).

Latest Version

Quake Matrix v0.5C Full – 14.9MB (Zipped)
Quake Matrix v0.5 to 0.5C UPDATE – 200.8KB (Zipped)

Previous Versions (Not Required)

Quake Matrix v0.5 (Fileplanet) – 14.8MB (Zipped)
Quake Matrix v0.5 (eDome) – 14.8MB (Zipped)
Quake Matrix v0.4 – 5.64MB (Zipped)
Quake Matrix v0.3 – 2.33MB (Zipped)
Quake Matrix v0.2 – 2.19MB (Zipped)
Quake Matrix v0.1 – 641KB (Zip – First Public Beta)


Quake Matrix Loader – 226KB (By Lame)
Quake Matrix Source – 290.9KB (0.5C Game Source + QC Compiler)
Quake Matrix Source – 5.6MB (0.5 Sourcecode + QC Compiler)

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Mod Information

  • Version: 0.5c
  • Status: Beta Release
  • Released:
  • Updated: 2003-11-29
  • Author: Flax
  • No homepage
  • Has Source? No

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