January 31, 2010



  • Totally new approach to Quake single player
  • Maps and QC innovatively intertwined
  • Cinematic Style
  • New weapons and monster behavior
  • Induces a high not unlike heroin
  • Nifty secret stuff people always figure out way too quick
  • Have a kick ass time kicking the end boss’ ass (no pansy cop out ending here!)
  • Design focus on gameplay rather than design

TargetQuake (882 downloads)

TargetQuake Patch1 (1000 downloads)

TargetQuake DevPack (1070 downloads)

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  1. Icks Says:

    No videos or screenshots can be easily found of this mod. It was quite fun and looked good, and was hard to complete. When TargetQuake3 was released, there was a small IRC party and a server was launched by Avatar. He said he spent a long time testing the last boss, and would keep making it harder to entertain himself.
    Also see TargetQuake3, which had showdown and volleyball multiplayer modes.

  2. Ciprian Says:

    I would appreciate if someone made some screenshots. I don’t have the necessary time.


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Mod Information

  • Version: 1.0
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1997-12-02
  • Updated: 1997-12-18
  • Author: Avatar
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