The Goblin City

The Goblin City is a new scenario added to standard quake.  It features a new monster (the Goblin), a new map (the City), a new weapon (the Bolt-launcher), and a kind-of new weapon (the Mace).

The Goblin City plays just like any Quake map, except for the fact that a few things have been changed to suit the medieval atmosphere (barrels, sounds, ect).  Your first two weapons have also been changed, from an axe and a shotgun to a mace and a bolt launcher.  The bolt launcher is basically an advanced sort of crossbow, while the mace works like the axe but is deadlier.  These are the only weapons on the map, but all the other standard quake weapons are available in deathmatch.

The Goblin city is playable in Single play, Co-op, and also supports DM (it has 16 player starts).

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