January 2, 2010


It’s Quake deathmatching, but enhanced.

You might have seen the runes in CTF. I think they’re a kick ass idea. I also play on an awesome multi-mod server written almost entirely by The Red Knight called SUPER_MODS! It also has some runes, but a few more, and more interesting ones.

Well, I thought, what if I created a server where a HUGE variety of special runes that give different abilities were all over the level. So I created this. There’s a number of runes all over the level. Sometimes new ones enter. They move around occasionally. A player will come across a rune, and it gives them some special ability or quality which helps them. Each player can only have one rune at a time (Intentional design), and they lose it when they die. Other than that, that’s basically the point. See the list of runes below and try to familiarize yourself with them. There’s a lot, and not all are simple.

Oh, and some runes require the use of a button to use whatever ability it is. Bind whichever key you wish to use to IMPULSE 100.

ZolQuake (1245 downloads )
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Mod Information

  • Version: 2.061499
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1999-06-14
  • Updated: 1999-06-14
  • Author: Todd McWilliams, Jason Chapman
  • No homepage
  • Has Source? No

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