June 26, 2011

2nd Q2Reloaded Contest

Deadline is set to September 4, 2011. Giving
enough time for everyone. The total beginner can read up on tutorials
and face a couple of errors and still make it in time. The more
experienced mapper can take on a more daunting task or maybe make 2
maps, one for each theme. Have fun everyone!

Theme 1: “The Refuge”

  • A
    global catastrophe has occurred. A virus out of control? A natural
    catastrophe? A cosmic accident? A alien invasion? A nuclear winter
    caused by an asteroid? A scientific error as in Half-Life or The Mist?

Whatever happened. Has already occurred.
Then you have to design a shelter in which people could survive.
Subway? An abandoned city underground, even below the subway? A nuclear
refuge? A cave complex? A secret lab as Resident Evil’s Umbrella
underground labs? A spacecraft or satellite orbiting the earth?

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image]

Theme 2: “The Tree City”

Vertical Eco City Works Like a Tree
Bio mimicry in architecture

The idea is a modern future city inside a huge tree, or artificial tree. Or huge alien Tree (Avatar).

But the idea includes a modern city!

be COOL. It would be interesting to mix biological textures like wood
and green parts with corridors from Star Treek or Star Wars. And with
views (to the env) to landscapes by irregular windows as cracks in a
tree. A city inside a tree with trains, elevators, shops and streets.

[image] [image]

Use your imagination!

Contribute now! Post a comment.

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