June 20, 2011

AGR and the Weekly AGR Sessions

[DISCLAIMER:  I will be constantly editing this booth, so whatever day you’re reading this ( I’m writing this on the 26th of June) please come back tomorrow, it will be MUCH better.]

Welcome to my booth! Of course I’m here to promote AGR (the mod), The Weekly AGR Sessions (the weekly session specifically to play the afore mentioned mod), and to invite any mappers out there who seek an audience for your creations to modify them so they can be used as (much needed) Intermission maps (more below).
The Weekly AGR Sessions are a
highly structured, and tightly organised weekly Session for players who
take their TF seriously. 
Every Sunday, players from all over the world, from
all genres of TF, come together to put their skills to the test in a
ruthless unforgiving place of TF reckoning.

At its’ premiere at qexpo 2008, I referred to AGR as ‘not a mod, but a
set of gameplay rules, enforced into the code’. Over the last three
years there have been numerous changes, and AGR has indeed slowly
evolved into a fully
fledged mod, and although it has been (sadly) dismissed by most
CustomTF players as a twisted abomination, many DO appreciate the unique
challenges it poses, and
enough new players have discovered its’ appeal to allow it to continue attracting players in

As a newbie QuakeC programmer, my coding achievements probably won’t dazzle the Gurus, but AGR *does* contain some amazing programming contributions from many of the Gurus of Qexpo 2011, including MauveBib (Smokescreen Grenade and HolyChap) , Trickle (VWEPS and vomit), Xavior (many little bits and pieces), and of course the Great Spike, who not only programmed the guts of SkinBlind (gassed players see different skins to other players)  but whose amazing FTEQW server has allowed nearly ALL of my dream features of AGR come to come true , including MVDs, SkinBlind , use of the dimension_ field to create dynamically solid/non-solid  Equipment, ConcDeaf.

So, if you love Team Fortress, and you crave BIG, team-orientated, action-packed
games which leave you exhausted, and exhilarated, this Sunday, and EVERY Sunday
at 22:00 GMT, point your Q1 (quakeworld) client to
tastyspleen.net:26666, and enter the insane world of:

The Weekly AGR Sessions

Old skool Action, with a Nu School twist!

See you Sunday

ps, read the FAQs at the above link so you’ll know wtf is going on
pps I’ll be posting links w youtube vids, pics, and others stuff in the next few days, come back dudes (and dudettes)!
ppps check out the link above, there’s game reviews, interviews, all sorts of stuff!
pppps I’ll also upload a link where u can dl all the files
ppppps, and for AGR fans, previews of upcoming new stuff, as well as out-takes – rejected bits and pieces (artwork, and gameplay concepts) which never made it into the mod.

pppppps, a Big THANK YOU to the Gurus on #qc who have been generously answering my relentless questions, I hope you guys play one day and
ppppppps. Mappers: The Weekly AGR Session needs more Intermission Maps!!!:

What’s an Intermission
Map? It’s a map played in-between games during the Weekly AGR Session.

The original one ‘omcint.bsp’, is simply a dark empty room (representing
a cinema) with the word ‘intermission’ on the screen. Soon there was
second ‘interlude.bsp’ which represented the lobby of the cinema. I’m
pretty sure the players would LOVE some new intermission maps, and I’m
sure there’s map makers out there with i maps collecting dust, so… we
need a third one (or more). The map doesn’t *have* to be related to the
cinema theme, it can be anything. The only requirements for prospective
Intermission maps are:

1. Must prominently feature the word ‘Intermission’ (clearly legible)

2. Must have it as the ‘first view’ when players connect or respawn

3. Must have NO weapons, apart from (obligatory?) axe.

That’s it. Intermission maps are run every week for 7 minutes, in between matches.

Since Intermission maps are not meant for ‘playing’ (they are a ‘break’
from the action), this would this give map makers the chance to try
different things; there’s no ‘gameplay’ to concern yourself with, just a
chance to express a unique, fun / silly, humorous, or ridiculous idea.
The crazier, the better.

If you have any existing small ‘weird’ maps just sitting around which
you would like people to see, with the modifications above, they can be
turned into instant intermission maps, and  be featured in the Weekly
AGR Sessions! So Q1 map makers of the year 2011, here’s your chance to
show your flair, and showcase your skills to a weekly qw audience!!

Contribute now! Post a comment.

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