June 19, 2011

Aliens Invade!

Aliens Invade is a GPL Quake 2 based shooter.  Originally development was started by The Happy Friar & PeeWee_ROTA, PeeWee had life intervene & I took over everything I could.  The original idea was a rail shooter but I’m not anyway near as good a coder as PeeWee, so that’s currently not being done.  The rail code was implemented & it was possible to put the players on a rail in the original engine.

The original engine was based on stock 3.21 with minor graphical enhancements such as alpha support for models & textures, two sided models and an increased vertex/poly model limit.  The test for the game has been now ported over to Berserker@Q2 instead.  The game assets are currently being made in Blender 2.49b &
everything is md2/tga.  Since Berserker@Q2 supports md3/ase I may use
that instead to see if that eliminates the md2 “jitter”.

The story is that aliens invade a small town & you must save the town from the aliens.  This is hoped to be a commercial release.  If you’re interested in helping out, please e-mail me.  I’m looking for anyone who can do anything (mapping, modeling, coding, art, etc).   My e-mail is the _ happy _ friar @ yahoo . com

Remove the spaces.  I can also be PM’ed at any forum which I’m a member of (same username everywhere).

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