June 20, 2011

Asaki’s Cabin of the Exhibition of the Bump

Saturday, June 25, 9AM

Secret Hint #47: Quaking Inferno has a secret Easter Egg hidden within. So far, only FrikaC has managed to find it.

Wednesday, June 22, 10AM

Happy Birthday, Quake Shareware Episode! To celebrate, first is a little slice of Quake history. Looking through the files for the unreleased Quake arcade game, I was left feeling rather underwhelmed. There was one file, however, that piqued my interest: “tim.wad”. With much effort I was able to extract the textures from it and insert them into a brand new WAD file. There’s quite a few goodies here: many textures that made it into the retail Quake, a number of textures that weren’t seen until the expansion paks, but also a lot that have never been used before. Hopefully that can change now!

2,245,604 timfixed.zip
339 timfixed.txt
221,582 timfixed.gif

Speaking of history, here’s a port of id Software’s classic first person shooter, “Wolfenstein 3D”, to the Quake engine! Well, it’s a port of the shareware version, at least. Most engines are supported (see the readme for details), but it’s designed to run in Darkplaces. I was expecting Havoc to release a new stable version of DP soon, but since he hasn’t (yet?), you’ll either need this older build from 2006, or since I’ve had reports of that build not working, you can pick up the latest beta which almost mostly works correctly. Single player and coop are almost fully functioning and tested, deathmatch is only supported in a few maps. Please! check the readme before attempting to run it! Also note that this total conversion is standalone, so if set up properly, it will run without any of the original Quake assets (but who here doesn’t already have Quake?)

6,448,546 wolf.zip
6,675 wolf.txt

And here is the music from Wolfenstein 3D, converted into OGG format audio for use in Darkplaces. Quaketastic wouldn’t let me upload the PK3, so make sure to plop this into your ./wolf/ directory and rename it from .ZIP to .PK3 for it to work.

15,831,449 wolfmusic.zip

Tuesday, June 21, 3PM

Just one small quick release, here I’ve converted Negke’s “A Happy Map for Happy People” to be used in “Quaking Inferno”! Hoppy Easter!

365,046 inferneg.zip

Tuesday, June 21, 10AM

Two more releases today! Here’s another mod I meant to release at the last QExpo, I had it maybe 75% finished before my hard drive went under. It’s called “Quaking Inferno”, and it’s a tribute to an Atari 2600 game called “Towering Inferno”. I’ll need to add some sound effects to it later, and there are a few other tweaks I’d like to make, but it’s in a very playable state right now. Note: for some reason, the flames are much harder to put out in FitzQuake than they are any other engine. Multiplayer is untested and may or may not function as intended.

138,503 inferno.zip
4,021 inferno.txt

And here’s Bloqs! It’s a building block minimod idea I’ve been toying around with this year (pun intended). The controls might not be completely obvious, and there are a couple additional options available, so please check the readme before diving in. Single player, coop, and deathmatch should be supported, but may have bugs I overlooked.

682,227 bloqs.zip
2,622 bloqs.txt

Monday, June 20, 3PM

Here’s a mod I’ve been kicking around for a while, but never got the chance to officially release. It’s tentatively called “Remote Controlled Monsters Mod”, and it’s basically what it sounds like: creep up to a monster and take control, forcing it to do your bidding. Please check the readme for info on playing.

295,510 remote.zip
1,378 remote.txt

And here’s an update of “The Beast in the Cave” speedmod that I meant to release for playtesting at the last QExpo, but I had a hard drive crash and missed the entire event. Nobody wanted to playtest it either, so if there’s any bugs, don’t blame me.

185,798 beast.zip
2,340 beast.txt

Monday, June 20, 9AM

Happy 15th Birthday in a couple of days, Quake Shareware Episode! And Happy 10th Birthday in a few weeks to the Quake Expo! Sorry I’m late, I didn’t have Internet access yesterday, but now I’m here! And I’ve got goodies for you! Except you don’t get to see them yet because I can’t figure out how to upload files… But rest assured, as soon as #qexpo wakes up and tells me, you guys will be the first to get your hands on this stuff!

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