June 18, 2011

Blood Omnicide

     Blood Omnicide is a project to port Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kainâ„¢ to 3D utilizing powers of Darkplaces engine. Main goal is to save original game feel and  provide nearly same gameplay and balance. Second goal is to provide game SDK that is open for modifications and additions so Omnicide can be used as a base for expansion packs and mods created in the world of Blood Omen.

     Being a legal modification, Blood Omnicide provides a patch that will port original game to new rendering pipeline, so would require original PC Blood Omen in order to play. For those who don’t have BO PC CD, a Sneak Peak Preview demo version fo Blood Omen which is freely distributed is included to the installer and can be used as base. However, it does not contain any FMV’s, barely playable (some models and sounds are missed, no starting scene) and will not receive updates in future releases.

Short project history

         22 april 2009: Project was started and made it’s first arrival 22 may 2009 as Codenamed: Blood Omnicide tech alpha and featuring one level: Kain’s Mausoleum. Development of demo version which should provide full-featured gameplay was started.
         3 january 2011: Blood Omnicide Demo was released and have gameplay til the ‘Arrival to Pillars’ chapter and bonus level – Magic light crypt.

        Nowadays: Blood Omnicive v0.1 is in development. It feature gameplay til the Nachtholm, bugfixes and improvements: better weather effects and day-night cycle, support for massive grass, hi-res textures, polished old locations and hud, breakable objects, advanced physics using Open Dynamics Engine and more.

    Successor features

    • Genre ‘Hack & Slash’
    • Large world to explore
    • Written from scratch QuakeC gameplay code that behaves like original one
    • Original speech and dialogs
    • Open Source gamecode and utilities

    New features

    • Improvements on combat dynamics, new hints
    • Weather and day-night cycle with sunlight-cast shadows
    • Better interaction with game world – hit effects, footsteps, first-person view spots etc.
    • Any2Any form change (can morph from disguise to a wolf in single sequence)
    • Random puzzles – pattern generated on game start
    • Corpses dont get vanished
    • Range attack monsters do attack in all 360 degrees
    • Altered secrets – new ways to find ones, some got changed for better gameplay experience
    • Subtitles for speech and video
    • Multiple languages support


    Download Blood Omnicide Demo (350 mb)

          Primary mirror


    Tools and technology

         Blood Omnicide is powered by Darkplaces engine and brings new set of game tools for creating the world. It’s using modified version of GtkRadiant and q3map2 with new features:

    • Support of massive foliage and misc_models (including grass and bushes)
    • RTLights being processed for lightmap
    • A plugin for marking unique entity keys (to provide level re-entering opportunity)
    • Automated terrain blending edge correction and microblending

         Ingame tool includes interactive rtlights editor, foliage/tree/surfacemodel planter and model viewer.

         Check out more info about the project, developer’s blog, community pages, Bloody Sounds soundtracks, and news on official website!

    Blood Omnicide 3D Port developing by RazorWind Games. By fans for fun.
    Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain© Crystal Dynamics 1996-1997. Blood Omen and Kain logos © Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics.

    Blood Omen, Legacy of Kain, Legacy of Kain Series and Crystal Dynamics are registered trademarks of Square Enix. 

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