May 22, 2011

Canyon Terrain Editor

Canyon Terrain Editor Logo

Canyon Terrain Editor by Entar is an intuitive landscape editing tool that allows users to quickly sculpt terrains. It is currently in its third beta release and supports exporting levels in Quake 1 and Quake 3 .map formats, among others.

You can pick up the terrain editor, and read about more of Entar’s projects, here.

Features of the editor include:

  • A wide variety of tools for shaping the terrain, including raise, carve, flatten and smooth
  • Texture painting
  • Random terrain generation
  • Basic Erosion
  • Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO’s) allowing large and detailed terrains to be edited on screen
  • In-editor Skybox display
  • … and more!
Example, which only took a few minutes to put together:
Canyon Terrain Editor - Example
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