June 24, 2011

CustomTF Prozac COOP

Well welcome to my booth for CustomTF Prozac COOP Mod (Quakeworld).

 Xavior and OneManClan suggested that I create a booth over here.  So to start prozac coop mod is based CustomTF mod itself.  The  COOP part was created by Gizmo originally.  Was back around 2007 I found prozac coop mod was being hosted over at Phoenixlabs. Started playing it over there and thought it was a great mod.   In late 2008 got idea to take the COOP mod and start  putting additional monsters, weapons and what have ya into it.  COOP mod is more geared for a fast pace type setup

Some of the highlights with the mod are:

  • Monsters have variable health, speed, armor and attack damage settings. 
  • Monsters have many different attacks they can throw at you.
  • Random monster spawns can happen with killing monsters.
  • Expanded rune set for players to use.
  • Player can spawn into a shambler in them mod.
  • Players have whole new weapons system to  use.
  • New grenade types added for coop (gravity wells, freeze, nuke, etc).
  • Helos and Subs are in the mod (good for some maps to play on).
  • Ton of different monsters .
  1. Servers I have running:
  2. ====================================================================
  • – Main my prozac coop mod I run
  • –  Regular prozac coop with expand monster set (beta thing)
  • –  Excessive prozac coop  (old experiment thing I did).

In order to play this coop mod you need quakeworld and teamfortress installed. Things can be downloaded from this link (see below). Just un-rar what you need to your fortress folder.  It is it is recommended that you use either FTE, ezQuake, FuhQuake or a modem quakeworld client to play.

Downloads at: http://www.ratbert.us/ratbert_prozac_coop/

Please note I am not the best website editor person so the this booth might look a little
sloppy for right now. Just wanted to get the page up and running.

I run this coop server just for the fun of it. COOP mod is has always been a work in progress because I am constantly adding or changing things to improve the mod.

Contribute now! Post a comment.

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