May 20, 2011

Doom3-2-DarkPlaces mod


ive been playing quake since 2000 and modding since around 2003.

 Just been working on this little Doom3 weapons in quake1 mod for about a year on and off…simply for my own amusment.

 Then lord havoc and Seven showed us rain in Darkplaces/dpmod on the quakeone.com/forum…Since then, ive been more focused on modding and playing dpmod.

DPmod has these nice shell casings but they never end,  they add up fast and really slow down any map…i have them litmited thanks to the code alredy in place.

 Been editing the supernailgun fire rate from .05 to .15 and now i really like this weapon…i added a handle and arm2 to the view model so my version looks different from doom3.

 Seven has also added rain sounds code and he kindly helped me implement it into my dpmod progs.dat

 Newest addition into my dpmod is this psg sniper rifle from urban terror q3a mod, this nice md3 replaces the laser shotgun. The bullet it shoots is about rocket speed, with around 1000 damage.


 i been working on this zoom in and out script and a scope crosshair.


///return fov

bind / “fov 90;sensitivity 5;crosshair 15;crosshair_size .015
play scope.wav”

///zoomin script

alias fov25 “bind MWHEELDOWN fov30;fov 25;sensitivity 1.5;crosshair 16;crosshair_size .3;play scope.wav;bind MWHEELUP fov20”
alias fov20 “fov 20;sensitivity 1;crosshair 16;crosshair_size .3;play scope.wav;bind MWHEELUP fov15”
alias fov15 “fov 15;sensitivity 1;crosshair 16;crosshair_size .3;play scope.wav;bind MWHEELUP fov10”
alias fov10 “fov 10;sensitivity 1;crosshair 16;crosshair_size .3;play scope.wav;bind MWHEELUP fov5”
alias fov5 “fov 5;sensitivity .5;crosshair 16;crosshair_size .3;play scope.wav;bind MWHEELUP fov2”
alias fov2 “fov 2;sensitivity .3;crosshair 16;crosshair_size .3;play scope.wav”

///zoomout script

alias fov30 “bind MWHEELUP fov25;fov 30;sensitivity 2;crosshair 16;crosshair_size .3;play scope.wav;bind MWHEELDOWN fov40”
alias fov40 “fov 40;sensitivity 3;crosshair 16;crosshair_size .3;play scope.wav;bind MWHEELDOWN fov50”
alias fov50 “fov 50;sensitivity 3;crosshair 16;crosshair_size .3;play scope.wav;bind MWHEELDOWN fov60”
alias fov60 “fov 60;sensitivity 4;crosshair 16;crosshair_size .3;play scope.wav;bind MWHEELDOWN fov70”
alias fov70 “fov 70;sensitivity 4;crosshair 16;crosshair_size .3;play scope.wav;bind MWHEELDOWN fov90”
alias fov90 “fov 90;sensitivity 5;crosshair 15;crosshair_size .015;play scope.wav”

bind MWHEELDOWN “fov30”
bind MWHEELUP   “fov25”

this zooms in  and out and each time resets the other zoom back to its first alias.

The top weapons in dpmod are great addons to the quake arsenal and keep me coming back for more:)


My modified dpmod allows me to use different models for each of the three new weapons in dpmod.

These are Plasma Rifle…Big F Gun……Sniper Rifle


With Chip’s flame effect ideas and some help from Seven I’ve added particle flames to darkplaces:)



here is a charset i made a couple weeks ago

new version charset that appears mostly transparent…this is a jpeg of it.


i used moondrunks copperplate as a base for this charset



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