June 25, 2011

Filtration Facility

Alright, gonna post something about my work-in-progress map here I guess. I haven’t actually worked on it at all in about 3-4 months, which is amazing considering I’d actually made a lot of progress on the map just before losing motivation completely for some reason. Barely even opened the editor since then, so how I think I’m gonna get anything done without even sitting down on my ass and actually opening the editor I don’t know. Anyway!

Been working on the map on and off for about a year (and yeah, a lot more off than on). It started out with a basic idea of a base map that starts in an outside area with water, cliffs and walkways before entering the main complex and descending deep inside the main part of the facility, and it’s undergone many changes and additions while it’s been worked on, many of which have been crucial for helping me motivate myself to get anything done at all. Last of which has been a change of editors, which hopefully will give me a much needed kick up the arse to resume working on it.

I’m not planning on making something that brings anything particularly new or revolutionary to the table, instead I’ve played through a bunch of singleplayer maps and analyzed what I like about my favorites and what exactly makes them work, and in turn trying to incorporate similar fun gameplay and inspiration into this map. My focus is on interesting setpieces, scenery and classic, hectic Quake-gameplay.

So uh, screenshots I guess? These are all WIP as there’s a lot more to do, haven’t even finished the layout or brushwork yet. Would be nice to get the map released before the end of the year, though I can’t make any promises.

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