June 18, 2011

Flanders_NYC quake1 server.

FFA Server @ New york.

Starting up a quake server to bring US and Euro quakeplayers a bit closer together.
This server will be running lots of custom maps just like the euroquake server bigfoot.quake1.net.
Server will also being used in the future for some FFA Fun Tournaments just like in europe : www.euroquake.webs.com .
The idea of this New york FFA server is from me and =peg= who will be the second admin.
Join and frag, plain simple.
If you want to check it out just start quake and connect to ffany.quakeone.com or ffany.servequake.com port 26000 .
Do u need the levels ? 

U can download all the levels @ bigfoot.quake1.net .
If u want all the maps in one bigg zip go : javascript:nicTemp();
Happy fragging !!!
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