June 19, 2011

Golgo13’s Quake 2 Lithium CTF Server

This is a CTF mod that blends the best map selections. Classic favorite maps, reknowned by past players with new twists, to added eclectic reclusive maps for new and past players alike. a voting system that offers maps you want to play on the fly. This CTF mod also features my eclectic custom Items/skins/models pak.

Collected and Compilated from all the best past Quake2 player paks there was to offer. Maintaining the traditional CTF experience, While at the same time keeping it modern and up-to-date and simplified with the changing metagame. Made for casual /competetive play but above all, designed for balance. Threewave CTF the way it was meant to be played.


Using Lithium v 1.31 by WhiteFang  for More info Visit: www.LithCTF.Yolasite.com

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