June 20, 2011

Lost Colony

Lost Colony is an episode I am creating for the Quoth single player mod. Contact has been lost with Earth’s first major offworld colony. Men who enter the Slipgate return insane and psychotic. Soon only you are left. You must enter the Slipgate yourself, and find the source of the invasion. Hope your will is stronger than that of your comrades.

Two maps are nearing completion:
Arrival, the introductory level as the player exits the slipgate from earth and sets foot on the offworld.

As We Mean To Go On, a much larger level, exploring the primary base. Home of the main Slipgate, its reactor, and the central supply source for the entire colony, As We Mean To Go On is packed with monsters, your former friends, mad with unnatural rage.

You must battle your way through the complex and find transportation to the deeper sections of the colony, the source of the invasion.

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