May 29, 2011

Monster’s Meddlings and Media

Welcome all Quake Fans!

Allow me to introduce myself…  I’ve been playing Quake since I was around 7 years old, and moved to the online scene around the age of 10 or 11.  I go by the name Monster of course, or with my clan tag, bta.monster.  Quake is my all time favorite game, I’ve experienced hundreds of mods and custom levels made by others…  One of these modifications, a simple deathmatch mod created by a Quaker named Canadian*Sniper some time ago in 2006, stuck out to me the most.  It was simply vanilla deathmatch, one of the things I enjoy the most in Quake, only with slight modifications to the weapons to balance things out, yet preserve that same Quakey gameplay.  Of course it is great fun having the rocket launcher in vanilla deathmatch, while most everyone else is toting a boomstick or other weapon, but it isn’t very fun on the receiving end when the weapon your carrying does little against an armed-to-the-teeth rocketman.  Unfortunately, the source code to the mod was lost some time ago, and I decide to contact Canadian*Sniper himself to see what was up.  The source was lost to him as well, so I took up “re-creating” the mod myself.  Since the original version of the mod, I have added various “modern” features which will be described.  This modification is called NewDM – a new look at Quake deathmatch, and is what my booth here will mainly be about.

NewDM is a vanilla deathmatch modification, balancing and improving gameplay without straying too far from the norm.  Instead of listing every single change here… here is a link to the main thread over at quakeone.com: http://quakeone.com/forums/quake-mod-releases/works-progress/5373-newdm-revival.html

That thread is slightly outdated however, extra tweaks to the weapons/powerups and additions to the custom map cycle have been made since then.

A short video (though a bit outdated) showcasing some gameplay:

Download the custom map-pack here , or if you are using the Darkplaces engine, the maps will download automatically when connected to the server.

Load up your Quake engine of choice and connect to newdm.quakeone.com to play…!


Recently I’ve been playing through many Quake singleplayer mods and custom levels… and I thought why not share my playthroughs with others.  I started a youtube channel containing around 35 videos so far, playthroughs of old school custom Quake levels/single player mods.  I play through all of them in hard skill, using the Darkplaces engine.  Check out my channel and leave me some feedback!  I hope to create a sort of “Quake Video Hub” for viewing these kind of add-on levels.


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