June 21, 2011

Multiple Quakes Speedmodding Event


Welcome to the 
Multiple Quakes  QExpo11 Speedmodding Event

More than 10 years ago, inspired by the increasing success of speedmapping, the guys over at Inside3D decided to organize “speedmodding” sessions. The events, as the name indicates, are about creating a mod in a very short time (usually either an hour or a day) and share the results with the rest of the community. As can be expected, speedmodding has been a part of all previous QExpo’s. Here below are some links that will give you a taste of QExpo speedmodding sessions past:
QExpo 2006 speedmodding booth : http://www.quakeexpo.com/booth.php?id=1
(QExpo 2001 did not have a booth specific to speedmodding, but participants posted their speedmods on their individual booths.)
This year’s QExpo will of course not be any different and, once again, we’re calling to all modders (and general code enthusiasts) to be ready to sharpen their coding skills! In the spirit of openness advocated by QExpo, the event this year is however not going to be restricted to Quake1 (as used to be the case), but to all games of the Quake family. Also new is the fact that not one, but three themes will be revealed at the beginning of the event and the fact that participants will be able to choose whether they want to finish their speedmod in 1, 24 or 36 hours
Everyone is welcome to participate. As Lardarse nicely put it, speedmodding “can range from just applying the idea to the base game in a relatively subtle way, to creating something completely wacky that could almost resemble a minigame. It’s about enjoying the process of modding, experimenting with new ideas, seeing how other people realize a certain theme, or just for exercise, without the pressure to create something perfect.”
As for all previous speedmodding events, the themes will be simultaneously posted 0n #qc and #qexpo (irc.anynet.org) as well as on the event page (in other words, this page). Participants have to start from scratch (the code must be the original one, not something you already have worked on in the past). If you’re unsure where to find the code, ask people on #qc – speedmodding is obviously also a great opportunity to learn. The fun of speedmodding (just like speedmapping) is to see both newbie and veteran coders have fun together. Participants are responsible for packaging their files and uploading them (in zip or rar format) to a place where the host of the event (aka myself, CocoT) will be able to download them before bundling them all together for public release. I have created a thread on the Inside3D forums for you to post links if you do not wish to use IRC.
This speedmodding event will start on Wednesday, June 21st, 11 am CST / 6pm CET

It will end on Thursday, June 22nd, 11 pm CST / Friday, June 23d, 6am CET

This session’s themes are:

THEME 1 – “Hey! That’s not Quake! – Grumble Grumble”
In each community (and particularly in the Quake1 one, in my experience), there are always a few members who will describe themselves as “purists,” defenders of the game “as it is” (or used to be). Their love for the game is real, but their allergic reaction to whatever transforms their beloved Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4/QET’s gameplay might become borderline pathological. This theme is a (friendly) tease at them. Indeed, the idea behind it is to build a speedmod that will dramatically go against one (or more) aspects of Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4/QET’s original (single player and/or multiplayer) gameplay, “intentions,” atmosphere or “design” (in the widest meaning of the word), while of course remaining fun. It’s about building a mod that is irreverent to the game we love, but in a way that still shows how much we love coding for it.

THEME 2 – “May the best one lose / May the worst one win”
This theme is about building a mod that will reward normally “bad” or “wrong” gameplay behaviors and/or punish normally “good” or “adequate” gameplay behaviors. The mod, of course, has to remain fun to play. Playing “badly” will have to require skill (I let you figure out how to implement that) and playing “well” might be harder to avoid than one might think. It’s about teaching players totally counter-intuitive and/or unexpected habits.

THEME 3 – “Freestyle”
… as in a “version of a sport in which there are few restrictions on the moves or techniques that competitors [read: the players of your mod] employ” or… quite simply, the freedom you, as a modder, will enjoy if you choose this theme. That’s right, this theme can be about letting you decide to speedmod according to your own theme. Once again, though, we insist: no previous code should be used, you should start from scratch. Ideally, you should even try to come up with an idea right now. Do try not to quickly patch together a small mod you’ve been thinking about for a while. Challenge yourself with a constructive time constrain!
Again, you are free to choose how much you decide to spend on this mod. You are also free to expand your time if needed. You can bundle into the mod more than just the code (like a map, for example, if the mod needs a special one)
I trust you to keep track of your time, but I will ask you to make it clear how much time you did spend on it, so that the end results can be divided in categories.
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