May 25, 2011

negke’s booth of lame-o recycling

Here goes my alibi release for this QExpo.
In the last few months I made single player versions of three newly released deathmatch levels and one older map. I now threw four other maps into the bunch and put all of them in an episodic form. The result is Volume 3 of the Deathmatch Classics series: a 9-level singleplayer and deathmatch episode (including a start map and a secret level) full of “short and sweet pure Quake action.”


What is Deathmatch Classics? The original DMC episodes done by Connor Fitzgerald (SDA) featured well-known deathmatch maps modified for single player mode with the main goal of creating new parcours for speedrunning. This sequel follows along the same  lines, although it’s much more technically refined and does not focus on speedrunning as exclusively as its predecessors – it aims at providing an enjoyable oldschool Quake experience for regular players as well.

Most of the maps are small but action-packed, with an average play time of 4-5 minutes. They can be played as an episode or individually from shotgun start (most maps have a button at the starting point which allows the player to restart the level with a blank weapon and ammo inventory; it is available during the first 15 seconds after entering the level). The secret map has an optional corpse removal system for players who use engine ports that do not handle packet overflow well.

Unlike its predecessors, DMC3 retains full deathmatch compatibility. The dm portions of the maps remain untouched (except for dmc3m3 which has slight adjustments to the ammo balance) so they will play exactly like the original releases. Many technical and cosmetic issues have been fixed, however. Most of the levels do not expand beyond their original layout; the only exceptions being dmc3m6 which has the roofs made accessible as well as several new areas on single player mode, and dmc3m7 which has an additional corridor added.

List of the featured maps:

  • dmc3:       Deathmatch Classics Vol.3 – by negke
  • dmc3m1: Orange Whip (lundm1) – by Lunaran
  • dmc3m2: Zeal & Fury (spirit1dm3) – by spirit
  • dmc3m3: Deep Scars (q1shw2) – by ShadoW
  • dmc3m4: Aghast (aghast) – by Vondur
  • dmc3m5: Devastation (q1shw1) – by ShadoW
  • dmc3m6: Dark Ritual (ritual) – by Tyrann
  • dmc3m7: /me Votes Vondur For World Domination (rpgdm1) – by R.P.G.
  • dmc3m8: Base Of Two Deaths (negdm1) – by negke


dmc3m1 dmc3m2 dmc3m3 dmc3m4
dmc3m5 dmc3m6 dmc3m7 dmc3m8

Feel free to leave some feedback in this thread.

Deathmatch Classics Vol.3 by various authors; single player modifications and technical adjustments by negke.
All of these maps are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or later. The map sources are included in the zip.

UPDATE: As it turns out, dmc3m6-8 are incompatible with QW servers because of certain entity hacks used in single player mode. I have updated the release zip with a fixed version of dmc3m8. If anyone intends to use DMC3 on a QW server, please replace dmc3m6 and dmc3m7 with these fixed versions.
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