May 24, 2011


“But in the cosmos there is balm as well as bitterness, and that balm is nepenthe. In the supreme horror of that second I forgot what had horrified me…”

Nepenthe is a Quake modification focusing on bug fixes and adding QuakeC features useful for level designers. Inspired heavily by Quoth, Nepenthe aims to be an open source (GPL v2) alternative to that project, with its own unique twists and features. Currently, Nepenthe has a focus on simple, reusable and globally applicable mapping features, rather than new weapons, monsters or gameplay.

To be clear, we may provide new monsters or weapons in the future, and if we do, they will be completely optional, high quality and fitting with Quake theme. No gameplay changes will ever be included in Nepenthe. On any standard map it will play exactly as the id1 progs (except for the fish).

An additional goal of the Nepenthe project is to exploit features of modern source ports of the Quake engine if they are present. The mod will still offer a lot to the original Quake engine, and whenever we can program something to be compatible with the original Quake executables, it will be. As a clean, open source mod project, Nepenthe also aims to be a bug fixed base for additional mods.

This wiki is intended to include documentation on both the enhancements offered by Nepenthe and to document the original Quake entities and features. For more information about Nepenthe, its origins and whatnot, click Nepenthe:About.

Get the source code from here.

Forged from the fires of Chthon’s domicile, Nepenthe is poised to usher in the next 15 years of Quake development with extensive features for stock Quake as well as advanced engines such as DarkPlaces. Inspired by Quake Expo 2011, it will serve as a kickoff for continuing projects by giving access to and demonstrating warpzones, physics objects, and much much more. Nepenthe is the soothing balm for the mapper, and the fuel to challenge the player. Coming in July…

For more details visit http://nepenthe.frikac.com

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