June 20, 2011

One Must Fall Tournament

One Must Fall Tournament

Five years have passed since the events of the global tournament in 2097. The evolution of Human Assisted Robots (HARs) has led to the merging of the human mind with a metal body. Now, a new tournament has been called for combatants to test their might in the arena.. for a chance to fight the first successfully mind-melded HAR in battle. The results of this battle may determine the future of mankind.

One Must Fall: Tournament is a 2.5D (3D graphics on 2D plane) fighting game which faithfully returns the HARs and characters from the original OMF2097, with updated graphics and game modes. It will be a free game based on the FTE QuakeWorld engine. Features include:
– The original 10 HARs and the original 10 pilots, faithfully recreated
– Brand new maps and stage hazards
– New, revitalized combat system; players can now juggle opponents in the air multiple times, as well as use new combos!
– Utilize your vitality meter for new ways to control your HARs such as dashing forward/back and super-charging your special moves
– Multiplayer for both online and offline, featuring:
  – King of the Hill: Fight with up to 8 other players in 1v1 matches
  – New Game Mode – Tag Team: 2v2 tag matches where each player can either choose 2 HARs, or team up with another player to assist in battle
– Static Battle Points (BPs) per server for online play – compete to become the top player on your favorite servers!

Can you create and/or modify Maps, Models, Animations, Textures, Sounds, or Graphics? The team is still looking for help! Please send an e-mail to avirox38@hotmail.com if interested

Keep an eye out for new OMF:TE media and features in this booth!

Hey guys! Thought I might post some small updates.

First is a remix of the Power Plant stage theme by Toilet Goat.

Next up we have an early 3D rendering of that very stage, credits to Raven:


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