June 14, 2011

Paril’s Paper Models

This booth will be filled with more information when I have the time.

For now, here’s the premise: For this upcoming booth, I will be selling paper models of 3d models per-demand. This is a once in the lifetime chance to receive your own physical, real-life version of anything you desire from your favorite game.
Ever dreamed of holding a railgun? Want to impress your friends with a model of your favorite Quake monster? Want miniature versions of your favorite items or weapons? This is your chance!
All models are done on request, and to the specifications of the requester. If you have a custom model or a custom skin you wish to throw in, that can be done easily. Please note, however, while I don’t expect many requests, if I get more than I can handle, I may be backlogged and it may take very long for a request to be fulfilled – however, these requests will last until they are all finished.
If everything goes normally, from start to finish models can take about a week to complete. If you wish, I will send you regular updates on your models’ progress, and pictures will be posted here of each model I make.
Pricing will vary based on complexity and size of finished model (more paper + more ink = more pricey), and shipping will only be covered for Canadian and US residents. Anyone outside of North America will be required to reimburse the shipping cost BEFORE the package is shipped (sorry, but it’s the only way I can do this). They will not be expensive and I won’t rip anyone off – offhand, I can probably go for 8$ to 15$ CAD for a miniature, and $20 – $30 for a full-size model, but be wary that pricing will vary based on the work required for the specific model.
If you are interested, please contact me: paril at alteredsoftworks dot com.
Models Prepared
I also have one Quake Super Nailgun, created from the high quality pack (can’t remember author name, sorry whoever made it); pictures will be posted soon. I am selling this model, which I made a few months ago, for $15.
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