June 10, 2011

Q1 Speedmapping

Quake Speedmapping

Like the previous QExpos, this one will have a standard speedmapping event, too. It is independent from Entar’s Terrain Speedmapping booth – however, be sure to check that one out as well!

is a fun event that allows mappers to create small SP or DM levels in a short time (a couple of hours instead of weeks or months as full-size maps take), then share them with each other and the community. It’s about enjoying the process of mapping, experimenting with new ideas, seeing how other people realize a certain theme, or just for exercise, without the pressure of  having to create something utterly perfect. The events used to be held more or less regularly (pretty much every week), though in recent times activity has dropped to only occasional sessions. All speedmapping related talk generally takes place in this thread. By now there have been more than 160 SM packs with maps of varying styles and themes – they are all available at Quaddicted.

The theme for this event is “15 years tribute” – deliberately vague to allow for as many different maps as possible. Of course, as with all speedmapping events, the theme is optional which means if you wish to make something completely different, you are free to do so.

The deadline for this event is Saturday, 25 June 10:00 AM GMT / 2:00 AM PST.

Everyone is encouraged to participate! Simply make your map and send the fully compiled and zipped .bsp file to negke before the deadline. The naming scheme is “smqx11_yourname.bsp”.

UPDATE: The results are in!
Five single player maps by digs, Drew, Text_Fish, Trinca, and ZealousQuakeFan.


Feel free to leave some feedback in this thread.

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