June 20, 2011

QExpo 2011 Tastyspleen.tv Coverage

Tastycast QExpo 2011 Coverage

Tune in week to the Tastyspleen.tv internet radio coverage of eveything Quake Expo! We’re excited about this years round of booths and the fun is just beginning.

*Update* – We’ve switched from Radio to Video stream. Instructions are updated below. *Update*

To tune in, simply visit  Tastyspleen.tv and click on the Live Video link every night this week at 11:00pm Eastern (UTC-4)

The Tastycast is a omni-Quake-verse related broadcasting site that provides live commentary and coverage for tournaments, events, and interviews. Born out of the Quake 2 community of Tastyspleen, it has expanded to include any version, flavor, and loose tie-in to an id tech engine that you can think of.

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