May 17, 2011

Quake Dodgeball


A Mod By
                   Trickle and Orion

A fast paced, good old game of dodgeball..with a twist!

This isn’t your typical dodgeball mod.  There are a lot of different ways
and strategies to become victorious! You will find that your power throw and
special dodgeballs will ultimately come in handy.  Critical hits and headshots
will help you at the best of times.  You have the choice of gold or green and
the match will start upon using impulse 18.

Take out the entire opposite team.  Once everyone is in prison, the match is
over and a new one starts!





Current Version is 1.1! Download it HERE

Quake Dodgeball 1.0 Trailer

1.2 is currently in the works! It will have have some nice new features, as well as two new maps by negke!

Planned Changes:

– The ability to deflect regular dodgeballs when you are holding one.

– Ice dodgeballs cause other players to drop their special dodgeballs.

– Damage from regular dodgeballs along with power thrown ones are increased.

– A new special dodgeball =)

A preview of the two new maps by negke!

dbmeadow                                                                                                           dbvolcano                      

The first FFA map for Quake Dodgeball!                                                   Watch your step.


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