June 24, 2011

Quake – FFA Day 06/25/2011

Come join us at newdm.quakeone.com this Saturday (celebrating the last day of qexpo!) for some old-school Quake free for all deathmatch fun.  The weapons are modified for balance purposes with other small gameplay tweaks.  The server is a NetQuake server running on Darkplaces, using the QUAKE protocol to allow all clients to connect.  Nothing except the custom maps are required to play, which can be downloaded here (extract them to your Quakeid1maps folder).  If you’re using the Darkplaces engine, the maps will download automatically and the whole map pack is not required.

The server is up 24/7, hosted centrally in Chicago, IL.  The games will most likely take place during the later evening (4pm-12am EST), but hop in at anytime =]. 

Happy Qexpo!


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