June 18, 2011

Quake Relicks


Small contribution to the shipwrecking old game that even after 15 years keeps surviving in my sense of inspiration… Quake 1. It reminded me to the spectecular discovery of the anchor of Blackbeard. Quakedamage in some way has the form of an anchor. Last year I hoped there would be a QuakExpo14, but at least this year the revival comes back again.



I had a queer job on mapping myself cross with my last map VeniVidiFuzi. There were several things I wanted ingame and as my coding knowhow is rather floppy I had quiet a carrot on the file.  After mapping so long I wanted a Quake monster in the seize of a cube. Also  I had a tend to convert Q3 skelton to Quake1 and after the vertice problem having stripped there is a creature that has a look of it. The map grew out of seize and I didn’t want to split it. So I started over and did it well.

Two new converted monsters in VeniVidiFuzi are Skeleton, a Quake3 monster reanimated in Quake1. And a new monster I made after a weird night of mapping, when I had seen so many cubes I decided to make a monster in the same size. When it sleeps it can be used as a normal 64×64 brush to edit a map, when it gets triggered it awakes and leaves a new passage in the wall.



I’m mapping a metal/medieval map. The coming of the QuakExpo gave me a tremble to publish it but as I know it’s in a preffab stage I won’t. Instead I’ll show some screenies. I started the curves manual and soon realized I couldn’t make it to a good end. So I had a lot of pipes and started a map with it after making sure I had my nails in the grid. For some reason I didn’t manage to make a small map, always happens when there is no footspring plan. Then it seemed a good idea to make use of the extra mod suplies like water_train and from there I’m on a large terrain map with triangles I developped.



Then there are these new monsters as they keep on coming from the swamps of the Old One. Rynche, a kind of jellyfish like entity. Alhough highly aquafoob it has a tention to suck up the player when coming at close ranche. Normal attack is a highly rocket launch so it’s clear to terminate as soon as they appear. There is a strong regenerating health source in its limbs so fear it after a skermish without finishing it. Another strange ability is that it explodes when it touches liquids so a fast jump in the water will slow down its forcefields.


There were some old screenshots in the time of QuakeTest that had my attention. In the progs.dat was a file called serpent.mdl and I was curious. It isn’t used in game, but it had a bat-kind of function I think. The structure was a mess and I dicided to fix it up with a new baseframe and started animating. Sureley the skin texturing is an act of patience and I was searching at things like a manta. The darkened size of these wailers were too dark for a monster so I chose the lighter underside.


In the same QuakeTest from the earlier screens there was an Ogre with a shield and an axe, while the game itself had a nailgun Ogre. It had something to do with the ogre_melee, I never quiet understood it, it always gave me the feeling there were Ogres that just went sleeping, or fishing, or maybe plundering the kitchen while the player searched the slipgate. So from the test stage I only had this screenshot and I remodelled an Ogre with a shield and an axe too make it look like alike.


When I had some fun with making weapons like a crossbow I thought the knight could use one for its lack on shielding. But when I started I kept its soard on its shoulder as kind of second weapon. When I started to understand how the basic animations worked I could make combinations of them. As in this case, a knight who could fight the soard and the crossbow.


Poor knight, has been too long with the zombies and went in stasis. Can’t help feeling a bit sorry for it, but most of all the fear not to get abduced with the same structure loss it is defleating. Another victim for my rocket account as now not only zombies keep coming back from their infernal siesta.


What creatures brew at the side of the swamp of the OldOne? In its cruel quest it has crumbled some new species that are no longer bound to their root but also swoarm around to gether prey with their gleeching arms crawling round. I’ve got only two arms and legs to fight with so don’let me be misunderstood with what kind of tentacle I’m hacking.


I made a new small monster by courtisy of DrDire’s WingSkull model. Well, it flatters. It has a funny look of a Doom monster but might as well fit in Quake’s darkey dungeons. Rather small monster and its dark colour give it a good disguise in dark caverns. Has a far ranged attack and a nasty bite.





Two new weapons I developped. A crossbow with ammu that comes in packages of arrows like shells. It has a low damage of 15 so it needs much attack to be really harmfull. Helpfull to learn understanding how to implement in game. Qc and map included. Download :



Searching on Insid3D I found a tutorial for the G-Rail from DrShadowborough. I liked it and made a new 3D model for it and screwed myself through the hushling qc. It has a new kind of ringfire what makes it look like a Q2 plasmagun. Finaly I made it and here is an example for a great new Q2 weapon in Quake1. Qc and map included. Download :


That’s all folks! Thanks for boothing! Great QakExpo2011! MadFox

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