June 17, 2011

Quakery! Single Player Adventure

! New music added !


Greetings To All The Community !

Quakery is a sort of Quake prequel/spinoff  set in a world of piracy(17th century)
A tale of sword, treasure, honour, betrayal, slavery, death and glory..

You’ll fight your way to the heart of it all where everything started   -stay tuned for a detailed storybook-

-All new story/levels





-All new characters (friendly & not)




-New weapons(one at moment)

-New working hud/damage system, 2d art,..

-New music

One track preview:  


This is the home of QUAKERY! a single player project , an idea in my mind inspired from  legendary MonkeyIsland saga and CaribbeanPirates movies now coming to life(hopefully) thanks to the immortal Quake1 engine.
It’s already in a late stadium and it was really a time consuming hell of a work : (
We’d like some feedback and maybe some software house could be interested in this story/world cause there’s
also a storybook.
Sure it’s not the best game in the world nevertheless it’s a little work of passion and we strongly believe in it. 

  I’m Mich, a 34 years european wannabe game designer, I’ve been using Worldcraft editor & other various graphic progs for some years but never published anythin til now : )  In my hdd though lies a complete HalfLife minimod inspired by blockbuster horror movie TheRing that one day I could upload somewhere..





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