June 24, 2011

Speedmodding Session Releases

As you know, in the last two days, QExpo visitors and booth owners were invited to participate in a Multi-Quakes Speedmodding Event. You can now download the mods that made it on time by clicking here! At a time when many people are very busy trying to give the final touches to their own mods and maps, the number of entries is unfortunately a little low, but I nevertheless want to give a big shout-out to all the people who got excited about this (and in particular WickedShell, the other entry beside my own) and the people who came up with ideas but didn’t have time to execute them. Save them for a later release, guys! Here is a short description of both speedmods:

A mod whose goal is to “mimic and ridicule typical call of duty mannerisms.” It’s WickedShell’s first attempt at coding and will run under Ioquake3. WickedShell says about it, “I achieved my number one goal, I stopped thinking about doing a Q3 mod and I did something. I know more about the set up of it, and am ready to go and do another one.” We might have a great coder in the making! :)
A mod whose goal is to “die as quickly as possible! As you will see it, it not as easy as it seems.
The map will stop when you die, giving you your time, which you can then try to beat!” The mod is also available in multiplayer mode. For a video of it in action, click here.
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