May 26, 2011

Terrain Speedmapping Event

Terrain Speedmapping Event


Myst Inverted – An exploration level for Quake 1, by necros
Myst Inverted by necros


Entar here. OK, here’s the deal. You have until 11:59PM (anywhere) on June 24 to create a level based on the terrain I’ve created and provided for you.

Here are the rules:

  • Your level must be based on the provided terrain.
  • Your level may be for any Quake game.
  • Your level may be designed for multiplayer or solo play.
  • Your level may be designed for vanilla Quake or for a mod of your choice.
  • You may edit and add to the terrain, including with Canyon Terrain Editor (the original terrain file is included in the .zip).
  • You will need to provide or find your own hosting.
Here’s what’s included in the .zip file:
  • Quake 1 format .map file
  • Quake 3 format .map file
  • Original .CET terrain file for Canyon Terrain Editor
  • Final Terrain Texture (.tga)
Here’s where you can get the .zip file: http://entar.slipgateconstruct.com/misc-files/QExpo-Terrain.zip 
Once you’re done and your file is on the web, please send me links to a screenshot and a .zip file of your level, at entar99 at hotmail dot com or by private message on Inside3D, and I will post them here. Have fun, and let’s see some great levels!
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