May 15, 2011

The Art Of Quake – Full Colour Book & Digital Download

For many, their first question when considering a purchase of this book is why? Why Quake? To answer this question one must understand the contraints both technological and artistically that were placed on id software in 1996.

Utilising a pallete of 256 on screen colours and a rudimentary software driven polygon 3d engine, Quake delivers an ecclectic collection of immersive and bizarre environments to explore. Quake’s technological sophistication while cutting edge for its time, now stands as an arcane memoir to an era of striking simplicity.

Quake’s level design and overall look consisted of basic textured geometric shapes, crafted into the game world. It is this simplistic architecture that gives Quake its stark yet defining character. The geometry that forms the environments of Quake are filled with an assortment of tunnels, caves, castles and technological bases.

Consisting of four disparate episodes the Quake universe is a diverse world, somehow finding uniformity in its multiplicity. The angular lines and sloped surfaces of Quakes environments give it an almost otherworldly feel. A sublime amalgamation of bizarre geometric shapes, combined to actualise the decaying interiors. In the world of Quake, malevolence is everywhere, from the decaying textured walls of flesh, to the satanic imagery that looms everlasting. Light and shadow are used heavily, accentuating the cavernous interiors, providing the perfect home for the vile denizens of this world.

While Quake’s elementary story provides little in the way of context, it is the environments that speak to the player. A world of dark corridors, eroding caverns and blood stained palaces. It is a world of darkness, a place of evil, A nightmare realm devoid of rationality. The churning lava flows, serene underwater caverns and dark purple sky take the player into a world of demented beauty, a place of alienation.

The creatures that roam the corridors of this lovecraftian world share the environments divergence. From chainsaw wielding ogres to gun toting grunts. All of these elements combine to create a game that defies characterization. A world of darkness. This is Quake, a masterpiece of artistic absurdity

The Art of Quake is an analysis of each Quake map and it’s architectural layout. I will be offering a version of my Art of Quake book at cost via blurb.com as well as a free digital download for all.

Below is a sample of what is in the book and digital download. Each level is assigned two pages, the first a rundown of the level, the second, a landscape portait.


The Grisly Grotto


The Wizards Manse


Chambers Of Torment


Hells Atrium


Preview The Whole Book!


The Art Of Quake is a full colour book. Consequently Blurb prices these higher than regular b&w books. Having purchased a few copies for myself I can say that they are of an excellent quality and make a great conversation piece. I highly recommend getting the hardcover/imagewrap version. The Art Of Quake contains an introduction to the world of Quake, a level by level analysis (DM Maps included) as well as full page episode introductions. If you are unsure about paying the high price, feel free to preview the book before hand at the above link or just download the digital version below, print it out and bind it yourself.

Digital Download


The Lost Diary Of Atticus Malitch

Lost in a world he does not understand, Atticus Matich is slowly driven mad by the bizzare realm around him. Discovered by a Ranger passing through, this dairy is all that is left of a man who was once known as a fearless explorer. One who’s first exploration of the newley discovered Suvordian Caves in Antarctica has led him to the realm of Quake.

Download the Diary of Atticus Malitch


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an update, the Art Of Quake has had a slew of downloads making the
amount of work I put into the book all the more worthwhile. If I get a
chance today I may upload the PDF version which is a lot easier to
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