June 9, 2011

The Quake 2 Caf̩ РDedicated To The Creation Of New Q2 Maps!

The Quake 2 Cafe (Q2C) is the most active resource for Quake 2 mappers. The forums contain an amazing history of tutorials, tips, and tricks to accomplish anything the mind can think up. Most importantly, if you have a work in progress, this is the definitive source for constructive opinions and support.
So if you have a work in progress, an old map you want to finally release, or you are just getting started, stop by and say hello.
The Members
The Q2C boasts a bastion of rock stars when it comes to quake 2 maps including MaricLeRay, Jester, Spirit (The other one), and WhirlingDervish just to name a few.
The Contests
As far as quake 2 mapping goes, the Q2C mapping competitions are the freshest and meatiest source of new map contribution. Everybody goes all out to make something new and exciting. Every single map has it’s own strength and playability.
Veiw and Download Contest Maps Here:
Where to Play
All of these maps, and more, are playable on Tastyspleen.net on the Mutant server through the GOTO network and the MYMAP system.
For more information visit tastyspleen.net or simply connect to tastyspleen.net and type “GOTO MUTANT”
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