April 28, 2011


TrenchBroom is a new Quake editor for Mac OS X. It is based on the idea of editing everything in a single 3D view. There are no 2D views, no editing modes which you have to switch between and it is built to support even huge levels without any slowdowns.

TrenchBroom is currently in early alpha stage. It supports the following features:


  • display level geometry in 3D preview
  • textured, flat and wireframe rendering
  • display grid projected onto faces
  • display huge levels without slowdowns
  • display additional information in 3D view, e.g. selection dimensions
  • isolate selection by rendering everything else in wireframe mode or not at all
  • display 3D cursors for immediate tool feedback, e.g. brush move directions


  • edit all face attributes
  • apply textures using a texture browser
  • copy textures and face attributes using the mouse

Texture Browser

  • load and unload texture wads
  • filter textures by usage and name pattern
  • sort textures by usage and name


  • create, duplicate and delete brushes
  • move and rotate brushes
  • drag faces
  • clip brushes using 2 and 3 point clipping
  • smart clip point positioning


  • load entity definition files


  • create and insert prefabs
  • 3D previews in prefab gallery
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