June 24, 2011

Tronyn’s Booth


In this booth I have the release of my Quake 1 single player episode, Unforgiven. From the readme: “Long in development (more off than on), this 3-map episode was originally started as a sequel to 2001’s Rapture, although it is probably more remniscent of 2008’s Soul of Evil Indian Summer. The episode includes a cool start map by RPG. I’d reccommend picking easy or normal.
Hard’s very very difficult and nightmare’s for coop or if you are crazy.”

Screenshots of Unforgiven: 1 2 3

Download (x MB)

And a note about upcoming Q1SP projects: I’ll be releasing a new version of “Arcanum” (a dark indoor episode) in the fall, with new maps, rebalanced gameplay and changes to existing maps. I am also working on “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” a large level using the Unforgiven textures, based on scraps by Necros and Tyrann. Finally, I’m hoping to release a “Drake Merger” by the end of the year, including all of my Q1SP maps/episodes made in the last 15 years, divided into episodes, with the final version of the Drake mod, and a new start map and final boss arena.

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