May 27, 2011

Vengeance r2

Entar’s Quake modification projects

Downloads available at http://entar.slipgateconstruct.com

Vengeance r2 – Quake Engine Modification

  • Realtime lighting, with basic .rtlights file support
  • Enhanced, scriptable particle system
  • Decals
  • Light Blooms
  • Transparent, depth sorted, texture shaded, reflective water
  • Motion Blur
  • Vertex Arrays for faster rendering
  • .pk3 support
  • Half-life BSP support
  • Mouse-based menus
  • Much, much more…

Vr2 Scriptable Particle Effects Vr2 Campaign Play

vr2mod – QC modification

  • Campaign levels
  • Deathmatch levels
  • Heavily improved enemy AI
  • Gameplay adjustments
  • Tracelines for improved network performance
  • Gibbable corpses on fallen zombies (by explosions)
  • Proportional fall damage
  • Fixed bugs from vanilla Quake
  • … and more!

vr2mod Deathmatch Level Vr2mod Campaign

More screenshots available here: http://entar.slipgateconstruct.com/screenshots/ 

Have fun!










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